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When material is taken from a copyrighted source, proper credit must be given on the first page of the chapter or section containing the material.

This statement is placed at the bottom of the page as a footnote.

(See previous paragraph for proper wording.) The particular style (italics, quotation marks, volume and page information, etc.) will follow the style of your reference section.

Date Journal Name Journal Address To Whom It May Concern: I am a doctoral student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and am writing for permission to include in my dissertation .

Unlike copyright, which applies automatically, users must agree to these terms in order to use the instrument.

In exchange for abiding by the terms, the copyright holder grants the licensee specific and limited rights, such as the right to use the instrument in scholarly research, or to reproduce the instrument in a

Begin your request letter with a short introduction and reasons for which you are writing this letter.

Even if you are already acquainted with some members of the committee, do not assume that they will describe the nature of your request to the others.

For example: “Part of the data reported in this chapter is reprinted with permission...” or “Part of this chapter is reprinted with permission...” If parts of the published article appear in several chapters, the footnote will appear at the bottom of the first page of each chapter in which the material appears.Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the fact that your letter is addressed to more than one person.You cannot be sure who you are addressing, men or women.Please supply a signed letter granting me permission to use the work.A lot of people find it difficult to compose a letter to the dissertation committee.If you are only using a limited portion of the instrument, your use may be covered under the Fair Use Doctrine.See more the University of Minnesota’s Thinking Through Fair Use tool at https://umn.edu/copyright/fairthoughts.If you use and/or reproduce material in your thesis/dissertation beyond the limits outlined by the “fair use” doctrine, which allows for limited use of a work, without first gaining the copyright holder’s permission, you may be infringing copyright.Some instruments are explicitly distributed under a license agreement or terms of use.The instrument may be protected by copyright and/or licensing restrictions.Copyright provides authors of original creative work with limited control over the reproduction and distribution of that work.

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