Dissertation Viva

What to Wear We do not wear gowns for oral examinations at Cambridge.Whilst the Faculty would advocate being comfortable, most participants tend to wear smart, professional and respectful attire.You have 3 months in which to submit your corrected thesis and list of corrections to your Examiner(s).Check your reports to see if corrections need to go to the Internal/External or both Examiners.You will not need to produce anymore work for the oral examination. – Thinking about your examiners’ work may give you an idea of where they will be coming from in terms of questions about your thesis. Don't be shy to ask your examiners to repeat a question.You might find it useful to re-read your thesis and mark it up with coloured post-its so that you can navigate to the relevant sections with ease in the oral examination. Have a think about what you would do if you had your time again. Don't worry about taking your time to think and then answer.If you have any questions about undertaking your viva, talk to your supervisor or email: [email protected] you have not been given a date for your viva within six weeks of submitting your thesis, you are advised to contact your Degree Committee.

This decision will be emailed to you by the Student Registry within two days of the Board of Graduate Studies meeting.

You will find it useful to look at your examiners' work beforehand and get an understanding of how they undertake their research. And, most important - just be yourself - if you feel nervous, it might make you feel better to let your examiners know.

What to take with you You can take a (marked up) copy of the thesis in with you.

Once you have received your reports you need to undertake the following: If you have been told directly by your Examiners or Degree Committee (and not the Student Registry) that you need to undertake corrections, you will need to follow their instructions taking note of the points above.

A brief overview of the corrections process is shown on this corrections map.

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