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For instructions on how to subscribe to databases in the Client Center, please refer to the following article: 360 Core: Adding Databases in the Client Center While anyone is able to select any of the databases listed below in their Client Center profile, unless you have an existing Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses subscription, you will only be able to view the citation and not the full-text content on Pro Quest s platform.

To help guide you in determining what specific databases to select in Client Center for Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses, we ve laid out the most common scenarios that apply to most institutions when choosing databases.

Previously there had been an issue where all Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses results were displaying as citation only even if an institution had a full-text subscription to the content.

With the recent changes made, the full-text indicator should now display for institutions who have a full-text or partial full-text subscription to Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses, and who have the appropriate databases selected within their Client Center profile.

Dissertations and master's theses can be great tools for uncovering research that has been done in a field.

This guide contains links to help users locate disserations and theses, both national and international.

Some of these changes involved the creation of new Dissertations & Theses-related databases in our knowledgebase.

Inclusion of the full title list for Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses in the 360 knowledgebase is still in-progress.

If the Library holds a paper copy of a dissertation or thesis from another institution, a record will appear in the Library Catalog. Dissertations from other countries may be available from the Center for Research Libraries.

select your institution-specific database and the A&I database.

Please do not also select the full-text database, as it may result in an inaccurate availability status for certain records in your subscription.

The University of Chicago Library will lend most University of Chicago dissertations and theses deposited before Summer 2009.

See the Library's Interlibrary Loan lending policies to learn more about borrowing material.

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