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While you were growing up, did you experience any of the following types of adversity? The adversity essay is a narrative essay, and one of the most challenging essay types for the typical applicant.

Our reviewers learn during our training process that personal biases are not to influence how these essays are marked. It would be difficult to write a personal essay response without including personal examples and/or references to research, current events, etc.Once you know the topic of the adversity you are discussing, you must figure out IF you have overcome the adversity, HOW you have overcome the adversity, and HOW you have grown as a result of facing this adversity.Use concrete examples from your life to illustrate your points about growth – I couldn’t have done XYZ years ago, but I can now.These clusters are: The questions often relate to current events and common themes in healthcare.They are designed to incite critical thinking, and to encourage personal reflection. The BPEs are being assessed in the following ways: Does the response answer the question being asked?Our program participants acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become successful members of a health professions workforce that reflects the economic, social and geographic diversity of the State of California.As a part of an "engaged university", the UCSD Health Sciences Center encourages and participates in community-academic partnerships that define our region's health problems, develop solutions to address these problems and articulate our successes.Instead, look to your core strengths – the virtues that make you who you are.Reliability, wisdom, confidence, bravery, or whatever they may be.Brief Personal Essays (BPEs) are one of the non-academic components required as part of the application for U of T’s MD Program.These essays are just as their name suggests – brief (only 250 words) and personal (reflective of your personal thoughts and reasoning).

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