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Each lecture was designed to be energetic and unique, with varied presentation styles and media. When the final numerical grades for the course were calculated, it took three hours merely to assign the letter grades for just 12 students. A short stint as a teaching assistant can provide valuable experience, but such work should be limited to two semesters.Few graduate students have an impressive income during school. Certainly, the ability to explain material clearly and to communicate effectively is useful.Ultimately, the name of the game has become profit, and this game has new rules.It is still the case that only two types of students obtain a Ph D: those who are relatively smart and those who work hard.Thus, with no judgement as to the morality or superiority of either objective, we offer these guidelines.We present them in the context of engineering and science, but they apply to the humanities and arts as well.Even if you aspire to a career in higher education, teaching while in graduate school can be a drain on time if you are conscientious and wish to do it competently.

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Then, do not simply look for a famous mathematics or history professor, for example; look for someone who has extensive experience studying your specific topic of interest.

Do not hesitate to call a prospective adviser and discuss interests and intentions.

Get a feel for what kind of person you will be working for and whether you like them.

Fewer students strive to learn as much as possible simply for the sake of learning.

Rather, the objective, in the US system, at least, is a high grade-point average that yields an employment opportunity that, in turn, yields a high salary.

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