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Although you do need to register to view the full text of the articles, registration is free.The advanced search function is highly detailed, allowing you to find precisely the research you're looking for.Subscription fees and paywalls are often the bane of students and academics, especially those at small institutions who don't have access to many article directories and repositories.Whether you're working on an undergraduate paper, a Ph D dissertation, or a medical research study, we want to help you find tools to locate and access the information you need to produce well-researched, compelling, and innovative writing.Sixty percent of its content is open access, and you can filter your search accordingly.Run by Indiana University, the Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) Repository is a multidisciplinary journal repository that allows users to check thousands of free and open access articles from around the world.

The site offers more than 700,000 abstracts and more than 600,000 full-text papers.Check out the top 21 free online journal and research databases in this article, and click the link below to download the full list of 101 databases, completely free!CORE is a multidisciplinary aggregator of open access research.The repositories it searches through are assessed and categorized by Open DOAR staff to ensure they meet quality standards.The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is operated by the Bielefeld University Library in Germany, and it offers more than 100 million documents from more than 4,000 sources.The ar Xiv e-Print Archive has been around since 1991 and is a well-known resource in the fields of mathematics and computer science.It is run by Cornell University Library and now offers open access to more than one million e-prints. While researching an important paper, you come across an online journal database that claims to connect academics to high-quality peer-reviewed research.Intrigued, you search for keywords related to your topic, only to discover that you must pay a hefty subscription fee to access the service.The service primarily indexes journals, grey literature (such as technical reports, white papers, and government documents), and books.All sources of material on ERIC go through a formal review process prior to being indexed.

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