Dynamically Assigned Ip Address

Wd=function();function hj(a) C(hj, E);hj.prototype.kd=ca(1);hj.prototype. Mc=function(a);function ij(a) C(ij, E);var jj=[1];function kj(a) C(kj, E);kj.Style=function();function lj(a) C(lj, E);r=lj.prototype;r. Scanning for IP address lets you have better control over your network.

Or you can go beyond and ping the entire subnet to find hosts not found by the ARP (but that would be too much manual work…).

In the following test, we tried an extended ping with “ping -t” to the gateway.

With this, you can learn some simple insights about delay and latency.

This ARP cache can be found using the “arp-a” command.

Finally, with some information, you can test connectivity.

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