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Scouting helps gives our boys the knowledge and skills they need to become vital and caring members of the community.

Often, the aspiring Eagle Scout will send a package to their references of choice that will include a form/questionnaire to serve as a recommendation, complete with instructions and a copy of the Scout Oath and Law.In our attempt to teach our children in a world that continues to be increasingly hectic, we may be failing at our job of providing them with the means of developing the basic human traits that build character.This training is desperately needed in our schools, but the school system does not have the time or resources to do this task alone.However, it must still speak to the candidate’s character, integrity, leadership, and general accomplishments.While each reference will vary based on the individual providing the letter, every writer should review the Scout Oath and the Scout Law in order to produce examples of how the applicant has lived up to the morals and values adopted therein.The book had been written for his regiment while he was in the service, so he changed its contents somewhat and called it Scouting for Boys.Ernest Thompson Seton , a naturalist, artist, author, and founder of the Woodcraft Indians, a boys organization in the United States, became the first Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts of America.There is no requirement that states that any of the references must be twenty-one (21) years or older.* If the boy doesn’t attend a church or temple, he will be required to write an essay detailing his moral beliefs instead and a parent/guardian will provide the reference Due to the informality of an Eagle Scout recommendation letter, the format and structure of this character reference is fairly loose.A Board of Review is the gatekeeper for promotion for all ranks, including Eagle Scout.Once the scout has completed all requirements, he must appear before a Board of Review, which will evaluate his candidacy for Eagle Scout and make a final decision.

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