Easter Island Research Papers Research Paper Seven Deadly Sins

"We may never get a [definitive] answer, because people had a lot of reasons for making statues," said Lipo. But once we start to see the constraints of the resources, we start to see that communities are tied to those local resources.

Easter Island is famous for its monumental moai sculptures, and for questions about how and when the island became inhabited--and by whom.

Those researchers posited that the intermixing most likely occurred between 12.

But instead they're located along the coast, and they're not evenly distributed.

Over his 20 years of field work, Lipo noticed there were places that he felt should have been ideal locations for .

"There's actually places offshore where freshwater will be flowing," said Lipo.

"Fishermen will know you could scoop water right from this spot in the ocean and it will be fresh." Fresh water is also a limited resource on Easter Island.

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