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Conducting a comprehensive review of flooring options through a sustainability lens would probably be too great an undertaking for a student project, but our group would definitely be interested in the results of a focused comparison. But more importantly, I’d like to get some clarity on what factors are the most important when selecting a carpet from a sustainability perspective. 2) Similar to number 1, another group could look at resilient flooring -rubber, sheet vinyl, VCT, etc.Perhaps this focused effort would include the leading Interface example vs. This group will need to take examine the issue of PVC (based on the more reputable sources and studies).Who/where are the sources and manufacturers for elements used in Houston, Texas.If sub-elements come from recycling, where does that raw material originate?Again, there is a ready audience here that would be interested in the findings. Joe brick 4) Examine the mattresses provided by Housing and Dining and in particular the health impacts of what constitutes the mattresses.Considering that on a good day a student spends 8 hours on that mattress, should we explore alternatives?This way my standard of living can be moved closer to the one Earth than four....[tags: Sustainability, Ecology, Ecological footprint] - Philosophical Foundation of Ecological Ethics ABSTRACT: Principles of Buddhist philosophy central to the formation of an ecological paradigm of mentality include a dynamic vision of the world, a system of relative truth apart from dogmas, a moral foundation for scientific knowledge, an emphasis on nonviolence and the absence of repressive scientific methods, and the progressive movement of the intellect to Universal Consciousness which postulates the unity of microcosm and macrocosm.

We can do the same custom essay, questions, accounting problems, dissertation, project proposal, term papers, research papers, and other scholarly works upon your request. Think of this project as a continuity of your personal evolution of sustainable design thinking: Define test and launch 2000 to 3000 words Following the “Ecological Footprint” lectures you have the initial insight to understand the concept of “ecological footprint;” as the first project I would like you to investigate the sourcing of one product or system within a building or used in everyday life (products or systems n fact are composed often of multiple materials with their one footprints).They are a threat to biodiversity and can cause damage to, or even eradicate native species which natural cycles and other organisms depend on.While disrupting energy flow, food chains, and shaking the structure of ecosystems to the core, invasive species create not only ecological, but also a whole host of social, economic, and health issues that affect the livelihood of almost every organism on earth, including humans (CBD, 2009)....Humans use up the planets’ natural resources to survive on a daily basis.These resources include fish, forests, land, water, and other agricultural products.In addition, I heard others whose results were much worse than mine, but the thought the one world I live in isn’t capable of sustaining my standard of living is intimidating.Through trips, class conversation, and readings, I have been able to identify the different areas of sustainability and which of these I need to improve.The comparative analysis of laws and principles of modern ecological science and basic Buddhist thought points to their common intentional direction....[tags: Ecology Ecological Philosophy Papers] - Introduction Invasive alien species are disrupting and changing the normal ecological functions of biomes, ecosystems, and the biosphere as a whole (CBD, 2009).This exercise not only is about the data you find but the method you find that data and determine what is accurate, the complete story (or fabrication) and means of corroborating web-based (or other) information sources. Maybe work Mohawk in there too, and distinguish between carpet tiles and broadloom. Based on the answer, I can then match that up against what I know to be the points of differentiation of the leading green brands.The method to represent your research is flexible; electronic or hard-copy. should form a clear narrative to both “experienced suppliers and inexperienced customers.” PLEASE CITE/CREDIT RESOURCES (BOOKS, INTERVIEW, WEBSITE) Like the case Study above, the Rice University focused components that might be a footprint focus; 1) Rice facility leaders bring in reps from flooring manufacturers and ask them to give their environmental pitch; they readily claim that their company offers the most sustainable option in their respective product category – without really knowing what sustainable means – and we’re left with trying to extract the facts from the hype. The student group could take three of the leading brands that Rice University uses. So we could save the students the trouble on learning about each brand, and have them instead focus on identifying what’s most important when making a selection of carpet from a sustainability perspective.

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