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whether they are able, over time, to take root in society, establish stable ties with voters, successfully compete in elections.

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Candidate in Economics at UC Berkeley Dissertation: Understanding Direct and Sorting Effects of Performance Pay for Teachers Christina is a Doctoral Candidate in the Economics Department concentrating on Development and Labor Economics.

Other research of his looks at the causal effects of the incarceration of a family member in the United States and the extent of consumer-side discrimination in online markets. His dissertation work uses computational methods to understand how low-wage workers evaluate their job quality in the context of changing company policy, as well as a shifting cultural and legal landscape. Candidate in Economics at UC Berkeley Dissertation: Labor Market Effects of Multinationals Jose’s research lies at the intersection of labor economics and international trade. at Berkeley, Jose worked for two years as a researcher at the Central Bank of Costa Rica. She also has several other ongoing projects related to worker empowerment and wellbeing in Bangladesh’s garments sector.

Other research of his focuses on cultural capital, organizational culture, and workplace discrimination. He has a particular interest in studying the effects of globalization on both workers and firms. Prior to beginning her Ph D at Berkeley, Laura was a staff member in The World Bank’s Financial and Private Sector Development Vice Presidency, where she spent three years. In low-income countries, the government may lack the ability and/or willingness to pass and to enforce labor regulation.

His research interests include job loss and the role of firms in workers’ labor-market outcomes.

He estimates the layoff rules of 4,400 downsizing establishments and find significant trends in layoff rules over time and the business cycle.

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