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Daniel Schäfer (University of Edinburgh) and Carl Singleton (University of Edinburgh) (276) Optimal Illusion of Control and Related Perception Biases.Olivier Gossner (CREST, CNRS – École Polytechnique, Université Paris Saclay & London School of Economics) and Jakub Steiner (University of Edinburgh & Cerge-Ei) (275) To the highest bidder: The market for talent in sports leagues.The Penn Institute for Economic Research (PIER) was established in 1993 to create an environment for research and teaching that will enhance the role of the University of Pennsylvania as one of the leading institutions in the world for the study of economics.Behavioral economics is a new and emerging field of research which incorporates insights from various related disciplines, such as psychology, sociology and neuroscience, to provide solutions for economic and social problems that cannot be easily reconciled by the traditional branch of economics.In April 2004, ISER founded the Research Center for Behavioral Economics - the first of this kind in Japan - with the aim of becoming the research hub of behavioral economics.

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Jozsef Sakovics (University of Edinburgh) and Roberto Burguet (University of Central Florida, IAE [CSIC] and Barcelona GSE) (283) Search capital and Unemployment Duration.Robert Zymek (University of Edinburgh) and Alejandro Cuat (University of Vienna) (280) It's Good to be Bad: A Model of Low Quality Dominance in a Full Information Consumer Search Market.Stuart Baumann (University of Edinburgh) and Margaryta Klymak (Trinity College Dublin) (279) Competitive foreclosure.Daniel Schäfer (University of Edinburgh) and Carl A.Singleton (University of Edinburgh) (266) Bidding for input in oligopoly.CES economists and researchers working on approved projects in the RDCs publish in major general interest and field journals.View lists of CES and RDC publications in extracts from CES Annual Research Reports.Charles Gottlieb (University of Cambridge) and Jan Grobovsek (University of Edinburgh) (269) Friends Without Benefits? Alina Mika (University College London) and Robert Zymek (University of Edinburgh) (268) Revisiting the Effects of Unemployment Insurance Extensions on Unemployment: A Measurement Error-Corrected Regression Discontinuity Approach.Steven Dieterle (University of Edinburgh), Otavio Bartalotti (Iowa State University) and Quentin Brummet (U. Census Bureau) (267) Unemployment and econometric learning.Gallen) (273) Long-term unemployment and the Great Recession: Evidence from UK stocks and flows.Carl Singleton (University of Edinburgh) (272) Development Accounting with Intermediate Goods.

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