Economics Case Studies Class 12

7 C H A P T E R 2 The work scope for this study called for seven case studies to be developed as a pilot demonstration of the TPICS con­ cept for transit.

These case studies are built upon the struc­ ture and process developed for SHRP 2 Project C03 (EDR Group et al., 2012).

The following list describes this educational taxonomy and then explains how the case method helps in developing each of the skills.

The case method is a rich and powerful approach to the development of cognitive skills in students.

It is also a flexible approach, in the sense that lecturers can use it in alternative ways.

Tension is a special type of force which is applicable in a stretchable body like rope or string. If rope or chain is massless,frictionless or smooth, then tension...

The announced project date range was defined in the first place to minimize likely staff effort for case study data collection and interview completion. While the ear­ lier SHRP 2 study focused on developing TPICS for high­ ways, it ended up developing nine case studies for highway/ transit intermodal facilities.

Instead, the case method is based on the principle that real education consists of the cumulative and unending acquisition, combination and reordering of learning experiences.

There are two fundamental principles underpinning the case method.

The case method is based on a philosophy of professional education which associates knowledge directly with action (Boehrer, 1995).

This philosophy rejects the doctrine that students should first learn passively, and then, having learned, should apply knowledge.

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