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Hines PDF Rise and Fall of an Information Technology Outsourcing Program: A Qualitative Analysis of a Troubled Corporate Initiative, David A.

Johanek PDF Discipleship Formation in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the 21st Century, Janet Johnson PDF A New Game: Shifting the Leadership Culture to Close the Gender Gap in Corporate America, Deborah F.

Tieszen PDF Hmong American Women's Experience in Doctoral Programs, Ka Vang PDF Married Catholic Priests: Their Unique Priestly Identity and Potential Catalyst for Change in the U. Washburn PDF Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Examining Opportunities for Learning on a Continuous 2,185-Mile Self-Supported Hike, Bahne Bahnson PDF Reconceptualizing Leadership through the Prism of the Modern Civil Rights Movement: A Grounded Theory Case Study on Ella Baker, Edna R.

Comedy PDF Understanding Pay: Perceptions, Communication and Impact in For-Profit Organizations, Nancy Diekmann PDF Sex Sells: How Advertising Agencies' Commodification of Image Affects Older Women in Advertising, Diane Fittipaldi PDF A Charism is a Nice Thing to Have: Catholic Culture within the Student Affairs Division at a Catholic University Lacking a Founding Order, Josh Hengemuhle PDF “Building an Airplane in the Sky”: A Case Study on Perceptions of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Emily D.

Batheja PDF From Passenger to Driver: Strengthening Self-Efficacy in Finland's JOPO Class Students, Joyce C.

Bonafield-Pierce PDF Effective Leadership Practices of Successful Superintendents in Christian Schools, Paul Bootsma PDF Health Care Reform: Leading Successfully Through Reform Rapids A Case Study, Tabatha Erck PDF Black Leaders in Blue: The Career Path of African-American Senior Law Enforcement Leaders, Nicole Fredricks Jackson PDF Learning to Teach without a Script: A Phenomenological Study of Artists as Teachers at a Performing Arts High School, Callie L.

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Schuder PDF Factors Influencing Student Placement Decisions in Elementary School Assignments, Laura Thorvilson PDF We Shouldn't Even Know Each Other: A Scholarly Personal Narrative of the Development of Deeply Reciprocal Relationships Across Differences of Race and Class, Sandra M.Apolinário-Wilcoxon PDF Stress to Success: Public Speaking Anxiety and its Relationship to Perceived Leadership, James K.Arnold PDF Executive Nursing Leadership: Change and Conflict related to the "Triple Aim", Cyrus M.Jacobs PDF Childhood Experiences of Abuse Due to Cultural Superstition and Exclusion: A Story of Survival and the Healing Process, Theresa Kashale Scholten PDF Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE): The Narrative of SLIFE Women in Minnesota and Their Future, Melanie Keillor PDF Journeying Toward Racial Justice in Schools: A Scholarly Personal Narrative on Exposing Racism and Sustaining the Fight for Equity in Mostly White Systems, Laura H.Love PDF The Experience of Health System Leaders in Meeting Patients' Spiritual Needs, Charisse Oland PDF Ethics in Academic Advising: A Grounded Theory of Ethical Practice, Andrew Puroway PDF No Force Greater Than a Determined Woman: Athletic Motivational Factors for Female Student-Athletes at Two-Year Institutions, Jennifer R.Cofell PDF Community Supported Agriculture: Building Community or Creating a Commodity? Everson PDF There and Back Again: Perceived Long-Term Effects of a High School Immersion Abroad Experience, Nora A.Flom PDF Public-Private School Cooperation: The Delivery of Special Education in Catholic Elementary Schools, Bonita A.Schurman PDF Dancing with Chains: A Case Study of Native Mandarin Chinese Teachers and Pedagogy in U. Higher Education, Jing Tong PDF Parental Decision Making and Satisfaction Regarding School Choice Programs in Suburban Districts, Andrew J.Vollmuth PDF African American Government Girls: Unspoken Narratives of Potential, Perseverance, and Power, Aura Wharton-Beck PDF African American Government Girls: Unspoken Narratives of Potential, Perseverance, and Power, Aura Wharton-Beck PDF A Case Study of Parental Experiences and Engagement in the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Conference, Kevin Witherspoon PDF How International Leaders Overcome Difficult Social Conditions: An Exploratory Study of Biography and Leadership Development, Wojceiech Wloch PDF Closest to the Heart – The Life of Emerson Hynes: A Biographical Study of Human Goodness with a Focus on the College Years, Jeanne L.Stirratt PDF Development, Leadership, and Change: An Analysis of Education Peer Coaches' Experiences, Heather Verstraete PDF Characteristics of effective music ensemble teachers from the perspective of adult amateur ensemble musicians, Charles Weise PDF How has King Abdullah Scholarship Program Enhanced the Leadership Skills of Saudi Female Beneficiaries?, Magied Alsqoor PDF African Americans Aging in Minnesota's Urban Facilities: A Phenomenological Study of their Lived Experiences, Antonia M.

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