Education Of The Girl Child Is A Burden Essay Descriptive Writing About A Person Essay

Education of the girl child is a burden i am going to speak against this motion how can educating the girl child be a burden when girls have proved themselves equal or even better than boys in all spheres of life.

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If girls are a burden, i suggest you get rid of all women and girls, and then men can procreate by themselves, that solves your problem.

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A daughter is a burden on her father’s head the documentary, “it’s a girl,” starts with what appears to be a nice, bucolic scene in india, but the voiceover quickly sets another tone, as the camera focuses on a woman in a bright red sari.

According to the 2011 census, the male literacy rate is 82.14% and the female literacy rate is only 65.46% in India.

All these statistics certainly reveal the kind of discrimination that women face in today's world. Download now and get all your doubts cleared by our experts."According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of men is 82.14% and that of women only 65.46% in India.

It is more common in countries where men outnumber women and particularly in Third World Countries.$(".author Info").click(function(event)); function stop Select(target) stop Select(document.body); $("#google Search Input").on("focus blur", function(e) ); function show Modal Box(parameters) { //Modal size "sm=small, md=medium (default), lg=large, max for full width modal box" var modal_size = ""; var modal_title = ""; var modal_url = ""; //Load Modal content from URL through ajax call.var modal_scroll_class = ""; //Additional class to be applied on modal body to show body content // class name = "modal-scroll-500" show scroll for height more than 500px //in fixed height with scroll bars on.It is considered more economically viable to spend money educating a son who will remain at home than to expend hard earned funds on a child who will leave.Education for girls and women is an urgent priority as they are can play an essential part in the development of the economy and also because they harbor the future of the world in their wombs.There are approximately 34 million adolescent girls out of school.Another shocking fact is that two-thirds of the 796 million illiterates are women.Education is the basic requirement for every individual, whether whoever it is,, boy or girl education is help girls to claim their rights and realise their potentials in the economic educating a girl is equal to giving education to entire family.Education of girl child is burden essay the 2012 summer olympics officially the games of the xxx olympiad [ 2 ] and normally known as london 2012 was a major international multi-sport eventcelebrated in the tradition of the olympic games as governed by the international olympic committee ( ioc ) .Answers an essay on educating the girl child means educating the family education of a child starts from the family and mother is the first teacher but, the irony in india is that although the deity of education is a female ie goddess saraswati according to the hinduism, innumerable number of women are illiterate.Importance of girls’ education – essay category: essays and paragraphs on february 12, 2019 by dinesh saraf girl child’s education is a very important part of her overall success, and if a child doesn’t get a proper education, one cannot determine about her original talent.

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