Effective Critical Thinking Solving Percent Problems Using Equations

We can break it down by assessing what is being said, and ensuring that we clearly understand what it is that needs to happen.

Then we can dissect and appraise all arguments, including our own, and think about how the decisions would impact others, as well as the bottom line.

Unfortunately the administrative demands on today's educators don't leave much time to teach this process; as a result, there are an enormous amount of people in our workforce who lack this understanding.

Whenever any of us approach a problem, we bring biases to the table, often unintentionally.

There are skills that have the capability to greatly improve your capacity to make objective, effective choices and arguments, and those are critical thinking skills.

Without these skills, arguments can often be one-sided.

Another aspect of becoming a self-critic is acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, personal preferences and biases.

When you know this information, you can understand why you approach certain situations from a specific perspective, and then you can step around that viewpoint because you are aware of its presence.

Thinking and listening are nearly impossible to do at the same time.

Foresight is a critical component for success in all aspects of your life.

When you move somewhere, you plan ahead to see what the job outlook is and the safety of a neighborhood.

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