Elementary Essay On Immigrant

I worked hard in school because I knew that I had so much riding on my education.

Neither of my parents have a four-year bachelor's degree, let alone have taken a high school class in America.

Where my mother’s tongue awakened me every morning only to be left on pause for eight hours by which another tongue aided to my ears. I sat in parent-teacher conferences alone because my parents worked multiple jobs to put a roof over my head.

I learned the bus route and train stops because I knew that my parents did not have the time or means to pick me up from school.

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Because of this belief, I was not given any room to fail.To be a first-generation student, from a low-income background, and a person of color, the odds are stacked against you.Graduating high school is an accomplishment that many students do not get enough credit for.My siblings and I were constantly reminded of the sacrifices my parents made to come to this country and of all the pain they faced.Life for my parents did not get easier once they came to America.Rainier Scholars is a 12-year program that offers low income students of color a pathway to college.I completed their 14-month intensive program by the end of my 6th grade year.I learned how to fill out forms and documents, only leaving a signature for my mom to sign while she was half asleep in the morning.Even as I was applying to colleges, I remember the anxiety I had looking for scholarships.By 7th grade, I was accepted in a private school located in North Seattle.The commute took two busses and a train to get there.

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