Eliza Doolittle Pygmalion Essay

When Eliza first comes to Higgins to learn how to speak properly, professor Higgins asks her to leave immediately and even asks Colonel Pickering ''shall we ask this baggage to sit down, or shall we throw her out of the window?

'' because she spesks cockney and does not know how to behave properly.

She even uses the word ''bloddy'' when Freddy asks her if she would like to walk across the park.

Pigmarion and society at the time In this article, I will explain the representative of Edward society at Pygmalion of the show.

While Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering have a great influence on Eliza Doolittle, Higgins is generally unchanged at the end of the play.

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Higgins' and Pickering's Influence With his ability to discern any British accent, Henry Higgins is a gifted linguist.

This is when she becomes, not a duchess, but an independent woman; and this explains why Higgins begins to see Eliza not as a mill around his neck but as a creature worthy of his admiration. In George Bernard Shaw's play, Pygmalion, Henry Higgins teaches the flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, to speak like a member of the British upper class.

He makes a bet with Colonel Pickering that he will pass Eliza off as a lady at a party after six months of lessons.

"Through the concept of "Visible Speech," Shaw hits on the two aspects of theater that can make the greatest impression on an audience: sight and sound.

Therefore, the transformation of Eliza Doolittle is most marked and obvious on these two scales.

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