Emergency Response Plan Template For Small Business

Based on feedback, the EPA may revise the document in the future. Community water systems serving populations greater than 3,300 must certify to U. EPA that they have completed an ERP that incorporates findings of the risk and resilience assessment conducted under AWIA Section 2013(a) and meets the criteria outlined under AWIA Section 2013(b). AWIA requires you to submit only a certification of completion of an risk and resilience assessment and an ERP; therefore, do not submit the risk and resilience assessment and ERP documents to U.

Small business disaster preparedness planning is easier than you think.

An ERP describes strategies, resources, plans, and procedures utilities can use to prepare for and respond to an incident, natural or man-made, that threatens life, property, or the environment.

The EPA welcomes comments on the ERP Template and Instructions. EPA strongly recommends you electronically submit your community water system’s ERP certification statement by clicking the link below. But while the importance of emergency planning may seem obvious, the task may get put off in the face of more pressing concerns.For small business owners, being prepared can mean staying in business following a disaster.You should regularly review your emergency management and recovery plan to ensure it’s up to date, reflects your current business conditions and gives you the best foundation for action in the event of an emergency.Start by downloading the free template below and saving it locally so you can return to it later.But what about any additional areas that are critical to the success of your business? If you're ready to start your comprehensive plan, the FEMA toolkits below are the place to start.Think about where computer servers are located, where goods are stored – even areas where your employees commute from or work remotely. If you have business insurance, make sure you're covered for disasters that could hurt you. One thing you can do in the next 15 minutes to make your business more prepared is review one of the U. The key to developing any good plan is to put a single person in charge of doing it. They decide how to develop the plan – but you, as the business owner or manager, should be clear about what they need to include.This template and instructions will assist water utilities with developing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in accordance with America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA) Section 2013(b).The Act requires community water systems serving populations greater than 3,300 to develop or update an ERP that incorporates findings of their risk and resilience assessment.Among businesses that are closed for at least five days, 90 percent fail within a year.A good disaster plan means fewer days out of business, better communication with customers and a better settlement from your insurance company.

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