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This thesis analyses the development of social policy in south Korea since the 1960s focusing on the employment policy for disabled people.A brief historical survey of Korean social policy will be included in exploring the background and enacting process of The Law for Employment Promotion of the Disabled 1990'.La Corte Suprema reconoció que todas las mujeres embarazadas deberían disfrutar de ciertos derechos específicos derivados del embarazo.El Tribunal también determinó que estos derechos deberían extenderse al período postnatal.

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The first case was settled by the Third Collegiate Tribunal in Labor Matters of the Third Circuit, and the second case was settled by the Third Collegiate Tribunal of Circuit in the Assistant Center of the Tenth Region. WHEN EMPLOYMENT IS TERMINATED DURING AN EMPLOYEE’S PREGNANCY, THE EMPLOYER BEARS THE BURDEN OF PROOF TO DEMONSTRATE THAT SUCH TERMINATION WAS NOT DISCRIMINATORY.”This jurisprudential thesis is a relevant example of case law, as the criteria issued by the Mexican Supreme Court is binding on all courts in the country.Mexico recognizes labor matters as independent from other matters of law, with a unique set of courts, legislation, and doctrine.Cuando una empleada embarazada es despedida y argumenta que la terminación fue discriminatoria, el empleador tiene la responsabilidad de probar que dicha terminación no se debió al embarazo de la mujer ni a ninguna otra razón discriminatoria.En tales escenarios, los tribunales deben adoptar un enfoque de perspectiva de género al decidir tales controversias para poder garantizar de manera efectiva los derechos de las mujeres reconocidos en la Constitución mexicana y los tratados internacionales de los que México es parte.México reconoce que los asuntos laborales son independientes de otros asuntos de la ley, con un conjunto único de tribunales, legislación y doctrina.Esta jurisprudencia en particular proviene de dos tesis diferentes, según lo resuelto por dos tribunales federales diferentes.The Court also found that these rights should be extended to the postnatal period.The Supreme Court recognized that most pregnant women will likely face a lack of job security given the costs that maternity leave implies for most employers.Problems of the current system and the basic needs of disabled people which emerged during the interviews are considered and addressed in terms of the principles of Democratic Socialism and it is argued that the consequent policy implications involve major government intervention and the development of a comprehensive policy for disability.The major experiences of policy in the disability terrain in European countries such as Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany which have retained the traces of Democratic Socialism or corporatism are referred to and discussed in the Korean context.

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