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This introduction is informative and reads like a scientific report because it discusses language acquisition and other aspects of child development.Given that, this type of introduction is appropriate.Overall, I found that my animistic thinking project worked well.To conclude my observations on animistic thinking, I found that most of the kids seemed to have beliefs based on what they sensed to be true, rather than on what would be logic or rational.A Report on Child Observation Project in a Preschool Class Introduction For this project, I observed my mother’s preschool class for three hours, and three kids that she baby-sits on weekends for three hours.

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The above paragraph connects the children’s behavior to animistic thinking using the example of the children’s play with stuffed animals.(Read: 3 Types of Essay Support That Prove You Know Your Stuff.)Another form of animistic thinking would be when my mother told a story about a leprechaun.

The essay then frames the observation in a narrative format.

To help you see what I mean by this, I’ve included comments in both essays to highlight key sections, as well as each paper’s strengths and weaknesses.

She said that the children often would cry and become very uneasy.

I believe that these would be signs of separation anxiety.

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