English Is International Language Essay Free Small Business Plan

Thus, using English gives you the most likelihood of being understood.

English is also the international language of aviation.

As the global communication expands throughout the world, so does the need for a global language.

English has become the lingua franca in many parts of the world.

America is not only a major economic power but also the source of a great deal of pop culture and entertainment in movies, television, and on the internet.

Both native and second-language speakers of English are found on every continent, and English has become the lingua franca in many fields, including business, politics, science, technology, and entertainment, to name a few.

For example, unlike Chinese, English has only 26 alphabets which put together to form words.

Adding to that, a number of English words are borrowed from many other languages and many English words are adopted in other languages and are used as part of their own language.

This factor contributed to the survival of English in many places long after the British were gone.

Since the 20th century, the United States has had a stronger influence on the globalization of English.

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