English Media Coursework Film Review

We endeavour to provide a wide range of learning experiences for our students which will prepare them for further study of the subject and a career in the Industry.At GCSE we follow the WJCE specification which is 70% non-exam assessment and 30% exam.The internship, based at the historic Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg, focuses on film and digital cinema projection.After learning their way around a projector, interns are responsible for curatorial research, producing promotional materials and delivering state­-of-­the-­art projection.GCSE Media studies gives students a chance to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life.It encourages an understanding oif how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and the opportunity for hands-on practical work.At Bucknell, you'll research, travel to film festivals, and bring your own vision to life with professional-level cameras, light kits, audio gear and post-production facilities.Graduate prepared for jobs in fields such as film production, publicity and visual effects — or in areas as diverse as academia and financial analysis.

The Film/Media Studies Program offers students the opportunity to learn about historic and contemporary film exhibition while earning class credit.in Year 9 we provide a Media Studies foundation course until Christmas then students start preparing for the examinations through the following units.- An introduction to Media Studies - i Movie – an introduction to video editing - Adobe Photoshop – photo manipulation skills - Audience research - Print advertisement - Magazines In Year 10 we complete the following coursework assignments through the following units:- Video Games - Newspapers - Film Marketing - Coursework Production of a Print Film Poster and Film Trailer In Year 11 we continue to prepare for the examination and complete the coursework assignment through the following units: -Television Series (in depth study) - Music - including music video, online, social and participatory media (in depth study) - Revision of all the topics studied for the examinations BTEC Level 3 in Creative Media Production This course lasts two years and assessment is completed through two external exams (25% each) and coursework (50%).This experience is valuable for students looking to pursue a career in film and media production.Learn more about the Campus Theatre Internship Bucknell offers merit scholarships to applicants who have extraordinary talent in the arts.BTEC Level 3 in Digital Media, available at Key Stage 5, allows students the opportunity to take a more practical approach with extended production and research projects which involve learning practical skills for creative media environment.The current Level 3 course is 50% coursework based and also consists of two exams worth 25% each.Teachers include and engage all students using a variety if teaching methods and approaches as well as the latest available equipment.We have a number of Learning Support Assistants working within our classes to support particular students or particular groups.Film Studies is a subject that by its nature, requires candidates to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues.The course is split into coursework and examination as below: Year 12 Component 1: Varieties of film and filmmaking (35%) Section A: Hollywood 1930 - 1990: Students compare a classic Hollywood film ( KS3 Intro Film Club: Students can watch and review films online as part of this vibrant British Film Institute initiative.

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