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You’ll also want your cover letter format and text to match that of your resume.Although we do not discuss resumes in this post, this is something you should already be thinking about.It goes beyond your resume to explain how you could add value to the company in which you are applying.Your cover letter should highlight any educational and teaching-related experiences that you may have to offer.I changed that up by assigning fun reading in addition to required reading.I develop lesson plans that incorporate student plays and performances such as reciting favorite quotes from a book.

Times New Roman is commonly viewed as a classic resume font, but it is also dated and can be considered boring.

To show your grasp of English like the professional English teacher cover letter sample does, take advantage of action verbs such as taught, tracked, created, developed, presented, reinforced, managed, worked, prepared, and researched. English is a magical and challenging language, and I approach my teaching so that students can be successful.

I appreciate the thorough job postings on the district website, and I believe I am qualified for the English teacher position at Whittfield High in every way.

Cover letters are usually boring, bland and if you're anything like a majority of the job-seeking market, you send the same one around to every company you apply to... Enter, a cover letter tailored specifically for that teaching English online job and school you want to apply to work at. When applying for a job, a cover letter should be submitted alongside your resume.

A cover letter is typically one page in length and explains to your potential employer why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

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