Enthesis Of The Hip

Tenosynovitis may result from direct trauma, repetitive-use injury, systemic inflammatory diseases, or infection.

Stenosis and/or inflammation of a tendon sheath may interfere with smooth movement of the tendon.

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Enthesitis may result from trauma but may also be associated with systemic inflammatory diseases such as the seronegative spondyloarthropathies.When tendon injury or inflammation becomes chronic, rupture of the tendon may result.The insertion of the tendon into bone – the enthesis – is also a common site of pain.Direct palpation of an inflamed tendon often generates pain.Pain may also be elicited by forced supination and flexion of the forearm against resistance.Etiology: Most forms of nonarticular pain are caused by direct trauma, repetitive-use injury, systemic inflammatory or crystal-induced diseases, or infection.Demographics: Tendinitis, bursitis, and overuse syndromes are very common, affecting young, middle-aged, and older adults.Ligaments attach one bone to another and thereby provide structural integrity to the skeleton.Injury to ligaments usually results from excessive force being applied.Excess force applied may cause an avulsion fracture although more commonly the ligament will tear; this is commonly called a sprain.Sprains range in severity from mild partial tears (grade I) to more severe tears where a sound (a “pop”) might be heard, to complete disruption of the ligament with resultant laxity.

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