Environmental Problems In Pakistan Essay

The Chinese authorities were ultimately prompted to set up dozens of air monitoring stations in the capital and across China.“I realized that in order for air quality to become a national conversation in the way it had in China and to raise awareness about hazards and solutions, we needed the numbers to be out there,” said Mr.Omar, whose Pakistan Air Quality Initiative publishes data about air pollution and information about its effects on health. Omar’s Twitter updates have prompted many of Lahore’s middle- and upper-class residents to buy air purifiers and don face masks.The problem is not limited to the city; in 2015, according to a World Health Organization estimate, almost 60,000 Pakistanis died from the high level of fine particles in the air, one of the world’s highest death tolls from air pollution.For years, Pakistani environmentalists have referred to November, when crop burning, higher emissions and cold weather combine to blanket Lahore and the rest of Punjab Province with acrid smog, as a “fifth season.” As in India, which Punjab borders, the problem seems to be growing worse, and this month it has reached what many Pakistanis are calling a crisis point.Another activist, Aysha Raja, who runs a popular bookstore in Lahore, started a Facebook group called Citizens for Clean Air, to discuss possible solutions to the smog problem and put pressure on the government to address it.“The political will is missing on the government side,” Ms. “We the public need to act as a pressure group, as a watchdog, to make sure that they do something effective.”The throat-burning, eye-stinging smoke plaguing Punjab has created problems beyond the obvious health concerns.On Tuesday alone, at least a dozen people were killed in road accidents linked to poor visibility in Lahore, according to the police.

“Half the time, I’m scared to breathe in.”While Delhi’s air quality has generated headlines worldwide in recent days, experts say the air in Lahore rivals the Indian capital’s for toxicity.

Loss of biodiversity in other regions of the world affects European interests in several ways.

It is the world’s poor that bear the brunt of biodiversity loss, as they are usually most directly reliant on functioning ecosystem services ( 14 ).

The global rate of species extinction is escalating and is now estimated to be up to 1000 times the natural rate ( 11 ).

Evidence is growing that critical ecosystem services are under great pressure globally( 12 ).

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