Essay About Being Nationalistic

It might be said that the seeds of Nationalism were sown from the Revolt of 1857 and has only grown in intensity since then.

Every battle that we fought with the British Empire was fought with a Nationalistic fervor which, with the passage of time has grown only stronger.With the introduction of English in our education system students from different parts of the society, having totally different culture and languages, were able to communicate with each other, sharing their views about Nation and British Empire, for the first time.English was the main language of communication in the meetings organized against British Rule, participated by people from all parts of India, completely different from each other.2) Division of Bengal The decision to divide Bengal was taken by the then Viceroy of India Lord Curzon in1905.His decision was to divide Bengal into the Hindu dominated west and Muslim dominated eastern parts.The decision was followed by much resentment among both Hindus and Muslims as they consider it to be a part of “Divide and rule “policy of the British Empire.The division of Bengal played a significant role in changing the political scenario of India and developing a Nationalist sentiment in the people.He organized a number of peaceful protests like salt Satyagraha, swadeshi movement, etc.Gandhi’s rejection for caste based discrimination and untouchability united people of India across these demographic lines.Before the beginning of the Independence Movement, India was divided into small princely states surviving on their own, and constantly struggling to expand their boundaries fighting among themselves.The idea of Nationalism or a united India under one rule was bleak at that time.

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