Essay About Classroom Behavior

Does the student complete (X) number of worksheets in a day, or a week?

For example, if the goal for a student is to complete more assignments, his or her level of productivity must be assessed.

Tables are spaced far apart to minimize horseplay between groups, but close enough together to create a community-like classroom environment.

The Classroom Map reveals that furniture and other large object are arranged as flexibly as possible to permit ready changes to the environment.

Different lesson plans demand different seating arrangements to shift student attention or to encourage or discourage peer interactions.

During lessons in which student interaction should be discouraged, chairs can be shifted to face fully forward toward the teacher's desk.

The teacher's desk faces the door of the classroom in addition to the students, and therefore the teacher can easily field any possible interruptions to the classroom.

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Behaviour management plays a key role within the classroom and there are a number of techniques used by teachers on a day to day basis.

The student may be involved in this step and help draw up the contract.

The contract should included the following contract conditions, contract completion criteria and reinforces.

Anecdotally, the classroom teacher reported that the contingency resulted in the students’ increased task-oriented behavior.” (Kelly & Strokes p.

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