Essay About Coping With Stress Outline Examples For Research Papers

(These are all activities for when you’re in your own room; if you’re at the library, I’d suggest going outside!

)This is similar to the above, but with breaks at set times, rather than on the completion of goals.

And finally two strategies that are a little less orthodox – and again, not for the library!

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You’ll probably figure out your own ways of coping with essay-related stress, and indeed many people find they thrive under the pressure.This should be away from the computer screen, otherwise it’s not really a proper break - for your eyes, body or mind.So instead of checking Facebook, how about doing some stretches, putting on a favorite piece of music and dancing around, or even doing a bit of tidying.If it’s not possible to speak to someone you know, even an exchange with a stranger can have a positive impact. If you’ve been staring at your computer screen for more than a few minutes, get up.I’m not suggesting you just strike up a conversation on the street (especially if it’s the middle of the night), but you could perhaps pop into a cafe, or share a few words with the librarian. Sometimes just crossing the room can shake a thought loose, other times it’s worth taking a 10-minute stroll around your building. You’ve consumed so much coffee it’s given you the shakes, and despite staring intensely at your computer screen for the past two hours, you’ve still only got three paragraphs. Most subjects require you to write at least the occasional essay, and if you’re taking a humanities subject you may have to submit up to two essays per week. We’ve blogged before about surviving exams, but actually they’re not the only part of university life that can cause stress (just what you want to hear, I know).But, for those times when you’re feeling really stuck/ panicky/ desperate, it’s worth having some stress relievers to fall back on.Here are some that work for me…An example of some stress relievers is to complete the next two parts of your essay plan (see below), then take a five minute break.How you actually do the plan is a matter of personal preference; it may take a while to figure out what works best for you.You might start with a mind-map, to get all your main ideas down, then group ideas into sections and start fleshing out the details.

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