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Two of the most serious parasitic infections of humans in Africa have originated in apes.Each may have been transferred to humans by a single cross-species event.Both live in central Africa in tropical rainforests. Biologists believed that humans share a common ancestor with other African great apes and that fossils of these ancestors would be found in Africa, which they have been.It is now accepted by virtually all biologists that humans are not only similar to the great apes, but actually are great apes.The book was On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, published in November 1859.In this book, Darwin wrote about the idea of evolution in general, rather than the evolution of humans.The specimen was called the Taung Child, an australopithecine infant discovered in a cave deposit being mined for concrete at Taung, South Africa.

But the similarities are more basic than the differences.At heart, their anatomy is similar, despite many superficial differences.This was the reason why Buffon and Linnaeus, in the 18th century, put them together in one family. Paleoanthropology looks at ancient human fossils, tools, and other signs of early human life.All of these traits convinced Dart that the Taung baby was a bipedal human ancestor, a transitional form between apes and humans.It took another 20 years before Dart's claims were taken seriously.Although the brain was small (410 cm³), its shape was rounded, unlike that of chimpanzees and gorillas, and more like a modern human brain.Also, the specimen had short canine teeth, and the position of the foramen magnum was evidence of bipedal locomotion.The issue was confirmed by late 20th century studies on the sequences of proteins and genes in apes and man.These studies showed that man shares about 95 to 98% of these structures with chimpanzees."Currently available genetic and archaeological evidence is generally interpreted as supportive of a recent single origin of modern humans in East Africa.This was after other similar skeletons had been found.The most common view of the time was that a large brain evolved before bipedality, the ability to walk on two feet more or less upright.

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