Essay About Filipino Culture And Values

Values can never be static but must be continually re-chosen as a person matures.As a person grows, he/she is continually choosing values and fashioning his/her hierarchy of values.Another thing that Filipinos should be proud of is the value of having Joy and Humor. They can afford to laugh at their own mistakes and can make jokes about their good and bad fortune.This sense of joy and humor is manifested in the Filipino love for socials and celebrations, in our capacity to laugh even in the most trying of times, and in the appeal of political satire.We Filipinos will truly stand out if we reinforce or apply these traits in our daily lives Values define as a principle, standard, or quality that has been freely chosen from alternatives and acted upon which is considered worthwhile or desirable.A person can discover values or principles through one’s behavior, feelings, ideas and important choices one has made.As with any society though, the values that an individual holds sacred can differ on the basis of religion, upbringing and other factors.

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It is demonstrated in the Filipinos ability to empathize with others, in helpfulness and generosity in times of need , in the practice of bayanihan or mutual assistance, and in the famous Filipino hospitality.

Filipinos are also known for being a Family Oriented person.

Filipinos are known for a close family relationship, they possess a genuine and deep love for their families which include not only their parents but also their siblings, and other relatives.

This trait renders one inactive and unable to initiate things or to persevere.

Positive, in a way, because it makes a person non-chalant, detached, indifferent, nonplussed should anything go wrong, and hence conducive to peace and tranquillity.

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