Essay About Man'S Best Friend

Despite this old saying, science had generally neglected research on dogs until the end of the 19th century.

At that time, both phylogenetics (looking at the history of animals by the means of genetic tools based on the study of the DNA sequence), and sciences associated with the study of behaviour (such as comparative psychology, animal behaviour, or ethology) realized that dogs offered a unique possibility not only for understanding the biology of this species but the history of humanity.

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Dogs, often called ‘man’s best friend,’ are no exception.For example, if the owner wants to make the dog go to a specific location, he or she may use a pointing gesture, which is actually considered a specific form of human communication.Because dogs react to the communicative actions of the humans and go to the indicated place, we can say that dogs show functionally human-like behaviour.For instance, recent research has found that dogs have functionally similar emotions to humans, and that they also care about the emotional behavior shown by us.At the moment, we cannot be sure whether dogs can understand the emotions of humans, but they are able to notice differences in our face, such as recognizing if we are happy or angry.These six groups are further categorized into many such as, Hunting groups, Herding dogs, Guard dogs, Rescue dogs, Battle field group, Sledge group, Security dogs and so on.Hunting dogs help men to locate the target after it was shot.Research may clarify the function of the bond between people and dogs.Rather than making generalisations such as, “dogs are just like wolves” or “dogs are children in fur,” continued research may help provide a more accurate and objective understanding about dogs.This will, without question, strengthen the dog-human bond, increasing the welfare or both species.Those who devote the necessary time to understand their dogs will be able to rely on an unconditional friend that also enjoys being part of a strong social alliance.

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