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Hobby is something that keeps you busy in your leisure time and it can be anything cooking, knitting or even singing.

Hobbies are the activities that are done on a daily basis and without engaging in any of the hobbies the person gets bored or might face physiological issues.

So they like to dress up, while other people like to stay in bed with their favorite novel, so it all depends on what you like you do in your free time.

Can you live without doing absolutely nothing in your free time?

What would you do the whole day if you will not have a hobby, no one can sit idle and free the whole day that too on a daily basis.

All of us need some activity that keeps us busy in our leisure time, and we do not get bored, but it is not possible to not have a hobby at all.

So it is very important to engage in activities that improve yourself, and you get to explore yourself.

Hobby is the activity that keeps you involved on a daily basis in your leisure time apart from the work that we do for a living; the hobby is something that you enjoy doing in our free time.

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It is a very subjective question because it depends on person to person.Not only this, but it also makes me healthy by breathing in the fresh air surrounded by plants and trees.Different people have different hobbies, and it doesn’t have to be a particular hobby like some people like to do singing while cooking, some people are crazy about makeup and dress up.Some people who are more inclined towards entertainment would say that singing and dancing is the best hobby.Whereas, people that are interested in being artistic they would say that it is reading, writing or even painting.But it is very important also to have a hobby that enhances your skills and makes you a better version of yourself so that you utilize your leisure time in a better way.According to studies, engaging in a hobby increases not only efficiency but also increases a person’s ability, a person gets to explore his different aspects.My favorite hobby is creative writing that I enjoy doing.It finds it challenging and is easy when you start doing it; you need time and practice to be better at this.However, it is important to have a hobby that enhances your skill and just not being done for pleasure like reading, writing, watching informative things on TV, etc.Hobby is an activity that a person does in his free time for enjoyment, and hobbies are developed at an early age, they do change with time, as you grow your hobbies also change. For me, cooking is like meditation, whenever I feel sad or upset or even stressed I cook or watch my favorite serial it makes me forget about my sadness and things, which make give me stress.

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