Essay About Time Is Money Legalize Marijuana Essay Research Paper

You would assume that meetings with Fern take place in her office… Fern is an avid athlete and her meetings take place on hiking paths.

Everyone who knows Fern knows to wear walking shoes and carry a bottle of water to their meetings in anticipation of a strenuous hike.

When you look at someone who has accomplished a lot, you can be pretty sure that he or she has spent considerable amounts of time mastering the required skills, filling hours upon hours with hard work.

There are those who look at others’ accomplishments and say, “I had that idea, “ or “I could have done that.” But ideas are cheap and intentions are just that.

If you want to write a book, then pick up a pen and do it.

Walking around it for a while, I came upon a restaurant.

Each member brought the ingredients to make a different recipe that was then split into six portions.

Members took home six different main courses for the week.

It isn’t going to happen if you plan your day around your favorite TV shows or spend hours updating your Facebook page.

These are entertaining distractions that eat up your irreplaceable time.

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