Essay Animals Protection How To Write Argumentative Essay Sample

The best way to alleviate the problem and save the Everglades is to contact Representatives and Senators with the message that Everglade restoration must follow through within the year.

The wildlife there is losing land and acreage daily.

These swampy regions have always been in turmoil and in fear of being used for the ever-expanding human race.

Approval for a historic resolution sailed through the House of Representatives but included a host of unrelated projects that could damage the environment elsewhere.

There are many ways to protect wildlife in our community, the country, and the world.

First of all, there are many parks and reserves available for indigenous life to find sanctuary from human expansion.

The best way to be rid of the horrible disaster of oil spills is to only refuel on land.

This would greatly reduce the chance of spillage by 100 percent and ensure wildlife habitat protection.

With this, our society can make money off of animals being placed in small exhibits to be watched upon children and adults. In conclusion, it is realized that animals can help with human benefits, but the lives of animals and humans are in danger every day.

Expanding human demands on land, sea and fresh water, along with the impacts of climate change, have made the conservation and management of wild areas and wild animals a top priority.

But there are many different reasons for thinking that such conservation is important, and these reasons can shape conservation policies in different ways.

The Everglades has been reduced to half its original size by a century of agricultural growth, urban sprawl, and unwise water management.

Dikes, levees and dams have fundamentally altered the natural system by draining billions of gallons of water a day out to sea.

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