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The Virtue Theory claims that an action is good if performed by a person based on virtue and bad if performed based on vice.

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Most people would hold the drunk driver entirely responsible for the other driver's injuries and any suffering the other driver experiences in regards to the accident.Virtue is a character trait, and character traits are part of an individual.If virtue is part of the soul then it must be a disposition, a feeling, or a capacity.Just because everyone is capable of these things does not mean that everyone will do them.Since we are all capable of basically the same things, but we do not all fulfill these capacities we cannot be held accountable for them.It is not considered virtuous to drink and drive, meaning that a bad character trait is expressed by a drunk driver.The action of drunk driving is important, but not because it is inherently wrong.Because dispositions are variable, we must make certain decisions in given situations that we would not make in other situations.The other components of the soul are not variable in the same way.How virtuous a person is determines how they will behave in a given situation.Aristotle argued that since different people may act differently in the same situation there are no inherently bad actions.

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