Essay Beauty Beast

At first when the Beast tried to keep her away from the West Wing, Bell escapes her room and goes there.This shows that she is not submissive and acts upon her curiosity, a trait that is also looked down upon because women are supposed to obey the man of the house.When she runs into the west wing, Beast finds her and yells at her.She made a promise to him that she would stay his prisoner but runs away after their first fight.The other women in her town do not find pleasure out of reading at all.These other women are examples of how society expects them to act, prim, proper, and submissive, but Bell is defiant against these stereotypes in order to create her own happiness.

She understands that she has expectations to fulfill which shows that even your parents reinforce societal expectations upon their children.Even though Bell is considered beautiful, we learn that most people in her village think she is strange due to her affinity for reading.This highlights that an educated woman is looked down upon and it is preferred that women should not be taught to read.This also highlights that Bell is willing to take a risk and not listen to what someone else tells her to do.his hands shake as he deals the picture (Carter, 1).In Angela and Beauty and the Beast, these stereotypes are held true, however the female characters in both stories seem to let it define them in different ways.In Beauty and the Beast, Bell seems to go against these stereotypes, but falls back under expectations at the end, and in Bella is defined the stereotypes placed upon her until she finds the strength to break away.This creates a mold for men to look up to, and in the movie the men of the village sings a song saying that every man should be like Gaston.Gaston is immediately labeled as the villain when he tries to force Bell into marrying him.When examining these classic fairy tales, there seems to be a theme of gender expectations, placed especially on women.Women are expected to be pretty and proper, and never defiant.

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