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Exaggerated early error-detection processes have been incriminated in the etiology and maintenance of major depressive disorder and thus such processes may recruit excessive neural and cognitive resources that manifest as symptoms of depression (Chiu and Deldin, 2007).

Sudies have shown that 40-50% of the risk for depression is genetic (Nestler et al, 2002).

Main Components of CBT There appears to be agreement within research and theorists that CBT has the following key components: case formulation, collaborative empirical knowledge base and therapeutic alliance (Beck, 1983, Persons, 2008).

Patients remain active participants in the development and review of case formulation, which acts as a hypothetical framework to provide perspective on present day difficulties (which may be more overt to patient and therapist) and underlying psychological interaction between beahviours, thoughts and feelings (Persons, 2008).

I will explore the theory of CBT comparing it to other approaches and the strengths and limits of the approach.

Hwever, n single gene has been attributed to this so far probably because of the possibility of many genes involved in a complex manner (Nestler et al, 2002).

Te environmental factors which are implicated in the etiology of depression are viral infections, rduced omega-2 fatty acids in diet, sress, rduced sleep, eotions and insults during brain development et al, 2002) and sometimes even trivial brain injury (Rapoport et al, 2003).

I hope that I will be able to gain knowledge to help me make my decision on whether or not to study a CBT certificate.

I also feel that IAPT is influencing counsellors to feel they need to value the scientific model of CBT because of the time limited advantage and cost saving attributes.

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