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I know that a complex set of ideas, stories, and experiences have informed its maker. What I want to defend is our felt experience of beauty as way of knowing and navigating the world around us. It suggests that they are frivolous, vain, privileged, and affected.The aesthete — a much maligned figure of late-19th and early-20th century provides a fascinating insight on this topic. But I would like to reposition aesthetes as radical, transgressive figures, who challenged the very foundations of the conservative culture in which they lived, though an all-consuming love of beautiful things.For Wilde and his followers, the work of art — whether it be a poem, a book, a play, a piece of music, a painting, a dinner plate, or a carpet — should only be judged on the grounds of beauty.They considered it an utterly vulgar idea that art should serve any other purpose.Art critics and historians have a difficult time dealing with beauty.We are trained from early on that the analysis of a work of art relies on proof, those things that we can point to as evidence.When she is emotional and empathic, she is at risk of being called hysterical.

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His often-quoted comment “I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china” has been noted as a perfect summary of the aesthete’s vacuous nature.

Like so many Indigenous Australians, Kngwarry has evoked her deep spiritual and cultural connection to the lands that we share through some of the most intensely beautiful objects made by human hands.

In her work we can trace the lines of the brush, the wet-on-wet blend of colours intuitively selected, the place of the artist’s body as she moved about the canvas to complete her design.

It had long been held that men and women approached the world differently.

Men were rational and intellectual; women emotional and irrational.

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