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The fact that Neanderthals and modern people co-existed in the same environment for tens of thousands of years clearly shows that modern people were thus in a better position to cope than their counterparts.

Along with his younger colleague Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin provided the initial theoretical underpinnings of human evolutionary science as it is practiced today.

They started hunting and gathering for food, and this is where we first see the division of labor.

The researchers point out that in Africa, refined stone tools are found at several Middle Stone Age sites; blades appear early in this period, refined bone, tools are found at several sites during this era and that there is some evidence of artwork during this period in Africa.

This is due, to the fact that tools took over the work was previously done using the teeth and the jaw muscles. Complex tools at this time were made of several parts and an example of this is the bow and arrow.

Figure 1: Structural difference between early hominins and modern human being Australopithecus boisei Modern Human being O’Neil, D. People started to settle at one place and shelter therefore became highly structured.

Hominins are anatomically different from modern human beings.

This difference however is more evident in their features above the neck, since their features below the neck are relatively similar.

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