Essay Fight Against Corruption Business Plan Template Gov

By ‘corruption’ people usually mean actual bribery, nepotism, misuse of public money and other offenses like hoarding, profiteering, black-marketing and smuggling.

Corruption is rampant in various spheres of education, business, employment, election and marriage.

Income inequality has increased in most countries experiencing high levels of corruption.

Adherence to good governance creates an environment where corruption struggles to flourish.

This corruption can be fought if individual voters remain true to their conscience and vote-seekers bank on their worth and power of arguments rather than on weight of their purse.

Corruption has found its way at centers of Education.

Grooms consider themselves to be a costly commodities. Solution The various form of corrupt practices such as, hoarding, profiteering, black-marketing and undue price-rise, etc. People can form consumer-resistance group with his fellow consumers and then their united effort would be strong enough to curb the malpractices of the unscrupulous people. In the case of smuggling of valuables and non-available goods, individual has very little scope to resist except taking a vow not to purchase any such smuggled good even if offered at a lower price.

And donors or economic organisations grant fewer loans or aid to nations whose governance is murky.The lack of employment opportunity often depresses the job-seeker.As long as there remains an unbridgeable gap between the employment needs and employment opportunities, it remains difficult to get a job, and there would always be people to exploit their needs.It undermines the institutions and values of our democracy.But because public policies and public resources are largely beneficial to poor people, it is they who suffer the harmful effects of corruption most grievously.Corruption and bad management practices eat into the nation’s wealth, channelling money away from such projects and the very people most dependent on government for support.Countless studies around the world show how corruption can interrupt investment, restrict trade, reduce economic growth and distort the facts and figures associated with government expenditure.Nowadays, even non-academic people are seen around the academic world primarily in search of certificates.They in collusion with other money-minded people among Paper-setters, Examiners and Tabulators often make mockery of the examination system.Failure to adhere to the practices of good governance means stakeholders increasingly demand accountability. The sale of shares by investors decreases the value and rating of companies.Mass action and strikes are organised in protest as citizens begin to lose faith in the ability or willingness of their elected officials. Their regulators can deny them licences, a stock exchange listing or the ability to sell products and services.

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