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Following a comment from ‘Girlinthehaze’ on our recent ‘Top 10 UK Universities’ article, we have delved into the experiences of university students across the country to bring you this report from the academic frontline!Of course every university students experience is different and varies according to the subject you are studying and the specific institution you attend, but we hope our ‘day in the life’ will give a helpful idea of the sort of day-to-day experience you can expect from a UK university.Lectures can be quite a novel experience when you first arrive at university – usually faculty-organised and attended by the whole year group of students in any given subject, are often held in old-fashioned amphitheatre-like halls.

Supervisions or tutorials typically involve between one and five students with a single supervisor and are more like a classroom setting, though much more student involvement is typical than you will have been used to at school.The well-rounded Marlborough experience features a rich and robust student life program.With over 50 student-led clubs, affinity groups (AACE, Alliance, EAST, OLE, Mosaic), and numerous opportunities for leadership in student government, community outreach, social justice, and entrepreneurship, our student life program offers something for everyone.Student life is where connections are made, leadership skills are learned, lifelong bonds are forged, and perspectives are pushed.We invite you to explore the student life section and learn more about the day-to-day Marlborough experience.Hopefully, this will be helpful to all our readers who are contemplating the next step to higher education and finding it difficult to imagine just exactly what it might entail.The rising times of university students are notoriously erratic and varied!Make sure you take full advantage of the special offers you can usually get with your various student cards.Freshers’ week tends to be a whirl of bar crawls, theme nights and ‘bops’ or ‘ents’, but don’t feel under pressure to go to them all – everyone needs the odd night in to actually get some reading done!For more than 125 years and through nine successive heads of school, Marlborough has nurtured and cherished a number of traditions, each holding its own unique place in the life of the school, its students and alumnae.10th Grade students create and present a banner embodying the best characteristics of their class.

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  1. Together, we build a collaborative community with respect for each other’s individual viewpoint—bringing together students and faculty from various industries and cultures to realize the potential for breakthrough moments every day. How can applicants convey to the admissions committee that they truly understand what Chicago Booth is about and why the school is right for them, and vice-versa?