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The syllabus draws on topics from across the school curriculum, and learners are able to draw upon knowledge and understanding gained from study of other subjects This syllabus will be replaced by the updated syllabus Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper (8021) for first examination in 2019.

We provide a wide range of support so that teachers can give their learners the best possible preparation for Cambridge programmes and qualifications.

Although it is not guaranteed that those who are educated would not break the law, it is notable that these people remain as the minority.

Thus, education still provides the majority with the basic learning attitudes that will help them in attaining success in life.

Thus, it provides them a chance to break free from the vicious cycle and pave the road to success in life.

These are all skills of great use for university level study.As such, the current form of education may not be able to equipped students with the right keys to achieve economical success in life.However, this does not deny the fact that there is still a need for education.Education provides a platform for people to excel, regardless of their background.Thus, it is always seen to be an option and solution for people to break free from the poverty cycle.Being in schools helps students pick up good habits and recognize what is right and wrong.This is due to the fact that most schools have rules in place and students will be given chances to learn from their mistakes even if they have broken the rules.Moreover, educational allows people to be exposed to new opportunities which form an essential gateway to success.Through education, people will gain better knowledge and understanding of themselves and others. For example, a degree nowadays will serve as a ‘passport’ to better working opportunities.This will not only prevent the person from breaking the law, but also form the guiding principles in life and work.In addition, with the right attitudes in mind, a person can become more self-motivated and thus achieving success in their economic goals.

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