Essay Grading Software Mac

Edmodo is a platform designed to give you complete control over your digital classroom. You can assign an ordinary quiz to your students and Edmodo will grade it automatically.

Grade ticker is a simple tool for professors and teachers to keep track of point deductions as you grade papers and exams.

Formative lets you distribute an assignment to your students. You can follow your students in their learning process of that assignment and give instant grades and feedback.

It basically is the same as Google forms, but easier to use and with some other essential features that a teacher can’t miss out on.

Simply scan the tests with your smartphone, and the app does the rest. This app only gives grades, it’s up to you to know on what the students need and what questions you have to explain again. Book Widgets is a learning platform that allows teachers to create fun and engaging interactive lessons for tablets and computers.

The tool has over 40 activities, such as quizzes, crosswords, worksheets, and other interactive teaching apps.

Be my guest, but I think you’re taking the hard and time consuming path. In this blog post, I will suggest some amazing grading apps that get your work done. Showbie is a platform that combines all essential tools for assignments, communication and feedback.

Grade Book Pro is a powerful classroom management tool.When grading test answer sheets, questions can be linked to common core standards, skills, or other learning objectives to provide you with an efficient way to see how students are performing and which students need extra help.Still correcting tests, assignments and papers by hand?The plagiarism checker lets you upload a file or paste your text and will give your resources a percentage.This percentage illustrates the uniqueness of your text.Once the teacher has made an assignment, the student can fill it in and send it back to the teacher.By the time it gets there, the assignement or test is already graded!Remark Test Grading saves educational institutions thousands of dollars annually on form and hardware costs!Remark Test Grading is offered as a cloud solution or a locally installed Windows product.Remark Test Grading Cloud allows busy teachers to quickly create and grade tests in the cloud so they can get more accomplished with less.With just a few clicks of the mouse teachers can create a test answer sheet, print a copy for every student (personalized or generic), scan the results, grade according to the answer key they provide, and generate meaningful reports.

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