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Hurricane Katrina Survivor Journal Entry – Creative Writing How does hurricane Katrina affect me personally?Katrina affects me in so many ways that words can not be described. Like others, my family returned to our home under a damage condition.Although I went through many tough times but compare to other people I think that my family and I are very lucky that we still have a place to live and a life to start over.Unlike other people who return home and see their house being wash away by water and have lost everything they own.Every time we turned on the news from our hotel room, everyone started to get quiet and have different thoughts running through our minds.One big concern to my parent was our house, not because it cost a lot but because that’s the only thing we accomplished within 7 years living in United States.

Und vielleicht findest Du dabei sogar Deinen neuen Lieblingscomic?

After this enormous tragedy, I have seen myself in a different perspective.

Die hundert besten Comics aller Zeiten Welche Comics sollte man unbedingt gelesen haben? Gibt es einen Kanon von Werken, die so bedeutsam sind, dass sie aus dem Meer an Publikationen herausragen? Die Redaktion der Comic Speedline hat das Experiment gewagt und eine Liste der Top100 Comics aufgestellt. Vom Underground-Geheimtipp bis zum Superhelden-Mainstream, vom Manga ber das frankobelgische Album bis zum Zeitungsstrip: Alles ist erlaubt.

I started my journey out from New Orleans going to Houston then Lake Charles, from Lake Charles we traveled to Pensacola.

Leaving Pensacola to go back to New Orleans in three days then from there we went to Houma and from Houma we went to Houston again, then we traveled from Houston to Austin within one week; after that we went back to Houma for two days then happily being back in New Orleans.

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