Essay On 5 Things Not Live Without

Try to concisely reiterate your main ideas, but don’t dwell on them—extend your ideas to the bigger picture and answer the question “so what?” While many successful conclusions briefly reiterate the main points of the paper or use similar language, it is obvious when a student has copied and pasted his or her thesis from the introduction because it sounds repetitive.Have confidence in your knowledge and express it creatively.Look for unique ways to give your reader something to think about and, if need be, encourage him or her to act. Instead of thinking of your conclusion as a short summary tagged on to the end of your paper, try to view it as the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your reader.

Similarly, try to avoid phrases like “I think” and “I feel,” especially in analytical papers.

Still, it’s best to avoid especially polarizing topics such as religion, abortion, and other hot-button debates.

You don’t know who will read your college application essay or what they believe.

Think about it this way: what do you want readers to take away from your paper?

Bringing up minor points in the conclusion will only distract readers from your main ideas.

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