Essay On Accountability In Nursing

We don’t want to overplay the importance of accountability in this section, but we don’t want to play it down either, or its potential impact on you as a health care assistant.

Accountability is all about protecting patients/clients, employers and individual health care workers from the effects of bad, negligent and unsafe practice.

When healthcare organizations hold themselves and their employees accountable, they can learn from mistakes and continuously improve operations.

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A study by the Journal of Patient Safety found that more than 210,000 hospital patients die each year from hospital-related infections or medical mistakes.Clinical governance and clinician accountability are integral concepts in today’s modern healthcare sector.The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the statement that comprehensive clinician accountability and clinical governance reduces the likelihood of errors being committed in the delivery of health care.If that isn’t the case, you are at liberty – indeed, you have a duty – to refuse to take on the task.The RCN has provided information on accountability and delegation for all members of the nursing team.There’s no doubt that both these situations can arise.As a health care assistant, you’re trusted by patients/clients and your employer to perform your duties competently, safely and effectively.Many of those could have been avoided if staff followed proper policies and procedures.A culture of accountability in healthcare can help prevent such mistakes.See: Accountability and delegation: What you need to know.In the healthcare industry, accountability is incredibly important.

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