Essay On Advantages Of Joint Family System

On the other hand the situation in developed countries is similar for different reason. the individuals are stressed out for different reasons.Some of the major problems that people living in developed countries face are - job insecurity due to unstable economy, difficulty in raising children while pursuing career ambitions, young adults having difficulty starting out on their own.The basic concept of the joint family system is that more than one family come together under one roof and lead a life of mutual co-operation and inter-dependence.In the revived model, the families coming together may or may not belong to the same parent family.Therefore whether living in developing countries or in developed part of the world, the model of 'joint family' has potential benefits that can lead to secure, healthy, stress free and affluent individuals.I also believe that having experimented with 'nuclear families' and having experienced its drawbacks, we are capable of developing a model that draws on the benefits of 'nuclear family' and 'joint family'.The 'joint family system' is one such thing that has the potential to ensure sustainability of life and natural resources on this planet.I believe the joint family system has several benefits and hence needs to be re-visited.

It is my personal belief that in the big picture of things and from the perspective of sustainable use of nature's resources, human endeavors and activities that promote and make use of inter-dependence, co-operation at the level of family, neighborhood, community, sate, nation and global is in conforming with nature and results in more gains (economic, social and environmental) than losses in the long run.In a sense I represent such a generation and therefore wish to present my personal thoughts on why and how we could revive and make a 'the joint family system' work.The generation that broke out of the old joint family system did so when individualistic thinking began to gain predominance in the society.Today, as a person from the generation that broke out of the system in the hope of immense freedom, I look behind and ask myself 'what has my generation really and truly gained from the quest for freedom and what has it lost'.The one and only major gain that I see from the 'nuclear family' system is the opportunity it provides us to create an identity of our own - something we as human beings crave for and are born for.We must consider it as a possible model for future families.In countries like India, with increase in population and resources like land and space becoming scarce, the families and individuals are leading a life filled with stress and worry.The other factor that gave rise to nuclear families was industrialization.Industrial revolution brought with it increase in job opportunities in and around major industrialized and commercial cities and towns.Knowing that human life span is on the increase and we are going to be inhabiting this planet for longer than we used to, it makes sense in trying to do things that are beneficial over the long run.And of course, that will also ensure that future generations are able to lead a life of prosperity.

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