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In fact, the authorities mentioned in the previous paragraph did not hold this: Aquinas, for example, condemned lying in war, but he allowed that military feints might be carried out.In a military context, it is assumed (as it is in poker, and in the theater) that what is will not always have the significance it otherwise might, since soldiers have good reason for preventing the enemy from inferring from what they do what their true plans are. But if lying is always and everywhere wrong, these possibilities do not serve as counterexamples: they are not themselves lies.

The second set of criticisms concerns whether it is always wrong to lie; many critics deny just this, for one or more of the following reasons. Many critics have claimed that if it is always and everywhere wrong to lie, then such practices as undercover police (or journalistic) work, and some forms of espionage are also wrong.

Christopher Kaczor cites an early, and subsequently amended, version of the Catholic Catechism which defines lying as not telling the truth to “someone who has the right to know the truth” (CCC 2483).

The quoted phrase is omitted in subsequent versions and for good reason.

The Live Action “Actors” Lied Let us begin, then, with the first set of objections.

Was there really no lying done in the Live Action “stings”?

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