Essay On Any Topic Related To Electronics/It

It will make them easier and faster to do their task, so they will not waste their time to find the information that they need through book, journal, magazine, or newspaper.

Plagiarism is one of disadvantages of internet for university student.There are many movies in the internet from the oldest until the newest movie the entire world.Beside that there are also many online and offline games for student that like to play.“Whether this information is about the latest news happenings in the world or information about your favorite celebrity, everything is available at your fingertips” (Ambekar 2008).Many university students must do their task by research from book, journal, magazine, or newspaper, but now they only need one click to do all of that.The university student also can find their favorite song or music video via internet, internet have many kind of song and music video even the song that have not release or the album have not release.By using internet they can find the newest song or film that they like.For instance Google, Yahoo search engine, Bing and much more.That is why internet is very useful for university student to find any information in this world especially for a busy student.There are some advantages of internet for university student.Communication is one of the advantages of internet.

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